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IMPORTANT - You will be asked for your e-mail address AND the password that you enter below every time you want to log into the booking system. Please ensure that YOU use a SECURE password. This helps us to protect your data.

Your password should be a MINIMUM OF EIGHT CHARACTERS long and CONTAIN AT LEAST THREE OUT OF THE FOUR types of characters: UPPER CASE, lower case, numeric (0-9) or punctuation (.,:;@[]{}!£$%#*).
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Meals Package
This year we are offering a "Meals Package" where you can OPT-IN and have meals provided (or OPT-OUT and you provide your own meals). The package costs £ 50.00 for an IST. This is great value at £ 6.25 per day, and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Please ensure that you visit the "edit participant details" section in the summary page and complete:
  • Preferred IST role
  • Meals Required?
  • Medical and Disability questionnaires
  • Dates of Creche sessions